that is what I call, "a post on the run''. All I can promise you,is that I 'll make it up to you at the next post. just two photos from a small walk. See ya soon.



Hi-hi-hi! Today was a busy day for me. The weather was really nice so my gf and I decided to go to IKEA. We ate a ''LOT'' of hot-dogs, drank a ''LOT'' of Coca Cola and spent a small amount of money on a new photo frame, and some candles. Here are some of the new IKEA posters. Hope you like them. p.s some photos also from today will be uploaded later today!



you know, blah blah blah.



hey,hey, long time no see.Well I have to admit those past days were hectic. Didn't really have the time to do a proper shooting,but these are some random photos I took while my absence.Hope you like them!



Today was a really busy day. No, this time I mean it. Since I have a new camera, I decided that my gf and I should go for some photos. A little park with a few animals and a lot of annoying bugs seemed the perfect place. I would also like to mention that I made some new friends; a dog, a goat and a pigeon. See ya all soon



Fireworks, ballons and many other things that make a lot of noise should be used as a soundtrack for this post.Finally, I bought myself a new camera. My new Nikon L810 is here to stay! I really can't describe you how happy I am. Well, enough with the talking,here are some sample photos for today! Tell me what you think!



A casual day. We went near a church to take somephotos. Believe me it was not easy, since i did one of the most embarassing things for me. I wore a hat. I have to admit I liked it but felt a little strange too. Hope you like them.



The WEBCAM Syndrom

yeah, I am completely bored.
Two coffees and about six cigarettes later,here I am
exposing myself on the internet.



Today was the perfect day for a walk near the sea. The weather was very nice, despite the fact that it was a bit windy. After wandering a lot, seeing haunted houses, being chased by dogs and a lot of awkward staring by some passengers, I managed to take some photos. See ya soon.