Nothing to say.Enjoy your weekend.



Today I had a really tight schedule. You know like the ones involving a 12hours sleep, three coffees and things as such. This is a ''round-up'' post. It contains photos taken through Instagram and I would like to share them with you. if you wish to see more, add me on instagram, simonpap. CYA.



A lazy day, a lot of coffee and some photos. Enjoy, and remember never to wash colourful clothes with black ones.


Strangeways Here I Come

Hey you all. Nice to meet you (again). As some have noticed, this is my third blog and hopefully the last. Let me introduce me again; my name's Simon from Greece. I am 21 years old (youth is an unknown word for me), a coffee addict, a fan of The Beatles and Elvis Presley. This blog is all about a not that very interesting person, me but I hope that some moments of my life will be up to your expectations. Well see you,soon.